vsx-sync stp-global


vsx-sync stp-global

no vsx-sync stp-global


Enables the VSX synchronization of global STP configurations on the primary VSX node to the secondary peer switch. Use the vsx-sync mclag-interfaces command to sync context level spanning trees.

The no form of this command removes VSX synchronization of global STP configurations, but it does not remove the existing global STP feature configurations from the secondary peer switch.

Command context





The first two lines in the following example show the setting of global STP configurations. The last two lines of the example show the enabling of VSX synchronization for global STP configurations.

switch(config)# spanning-tree config-name abc
switch(config)# spanning-tree config-revision 1
switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# vsx-sync stp-global

Disabling VSX synchronization of global STP configurations:

switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# no vsx-sync stp-global