Developer communities for the Network Analytics Engine

There are several communities that facilitate the development, use, and sharing of scripts for the Aruba Network Analytics Engine:

Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE)

The Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE) is the primary portal for Network Analytic Engine scripts. Aruba-certified public scripts are posted to ASE. Developers can create their own Network Analytics Engine solutions and post them for either private or public use. See the Aruba Solution Exchange at:


The NAE scripts repository on GitHub includes Aruba-certified Network Analytics Engine (NAE) scripts and examples organized by feature or protocol and then by supported hardware platform. Developers can fork and customize or enhance these scripts for their own use. See the repository at:

Airheads Community

The Airheads community provides a place for members or participants to search for information, read and post about topics of interest, and learn from each other. Guests (unregistered visitors) can browse or search the community for information. Members (registered users) can post messages or comments, track discussions, and get email notifications on posting activity and other community actions.

Within the Airheads community, there is a Developer Community group that is specific to APIs, programming, and automation. The Developer Community is the recommended place to post questions about the Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE).

See the Developer community at:

See the Airheads community at