Managing NAE scripts across switch software updates

After you update the switch software to a new release or install an older software release on the switch, some Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE) scripts might not be valid. A script might not be valid because the script uses a URI or API function that is not valid on that software release. The existing scripts might generate errors, and the NAE data might not be valid until you upload the new scripts and clear the NAE data.


The new switch software has been installed on the switch.

  1. For each script that is not marked System Created in the Web UI, locate the version of the script that supports the software release running on the switch.
    • For Aruba-certified NAE scripts, the Aruba Solutions Exchange (ASE) includes tags that indicate the minimum and maximum supported software release.

    • For switches running 10.01 and later software releases, when you select the ASE download button in the Web UI, the Web UI displays only the Aruba-certified NAE scripts that are supported on the software release running on the switch.

    • For scripts that are not Aruba-certified NAE scripts downloaded from the ASE, see the information provided by the script author about which script version is supported.

  2. Follow the instructions for updating a script.

    The steps to update a script depend on the switch software release version that was running when the script was installed.

  3. On the Analytics Dashboard, locate and close any time series graph panels for the default agent from the previous software release.

    The default agent is created from the built-in script. The name of the agent is based on the name of the built-in script. Built-in scripts and agents have an origin of "system" and are marked System Created in the Web UI. Built-in scripts and their agents are updated automatically. However, sometimes the time series graph panel for the previous default agent is not closed during the update. After the software update, instead of graphed data, such panels show an error message beginning with: Agent data not found.