Viewing script details using the Web UI


You must be logged in to the ArubaOS-CX Web UI.

  1. From the Overview page, look at the Analytics panel to view the total number of scripts, agents, and monitors compared to the total number supported on the switch.

    For example, Scripts: 7/25 indicates that there are total of seven scripts out of a maximum of 25 scripts supported on this switch.

  2. Select Analytics from the ArubasOS-CX Web UI navigation pane. The Analytics Dashboard is displayed.
  3. The Scripts panel in the Analytics Dashboard shows a list of the scripts available on the switch.

    Scripts panel on Analytics Dashboard

  4. From the Scripts panel, select a link to a specific script to display the Script Details page.

    Script details including script content

    You can view the following script details.
    • Script Details panel: Shows script information, and if the script is system created. You can select the + sign to create an agent from the script.

    • Script Parameters panel: Shows a list of parameters configured in the script. Select a parameter to display a dialog box with a description of the parameter.

    • Script Contents panel: Shows the programmatic contents of the script. You can click the down arrow to download the script.