Finding alert details using the Web UI

You can view details on the alerts displayed in the Web UI.


You must be logged in to the Web UI.

  1. Select Analytics from the navigation pane.
  2. In the Analytics Dashboard, the Alerts panel lists the alerts for all agents.

    Alerts panel on Analytics Dashboard

  3. To see the alerts for a specific agent, in the Analytics Dashboard Agents panel or Alerts panel, select an agent.
  4. In the Agent Details page, the agent alerts are listed in the Alerts panel.

    Agent Details page

  5. In the Alerts panel, select an alert and click Details to view the Alert Details dialog box. To close the dialog box, click Close.

    You can also access alert details directly from the Analytics Dashboard by selecting an alert in the Alerts panel and clicking Details.

  6. The Action Result(s) in Alert Details dialog box might include additional details about actions and links to the action result output.

    Alert Details dialog box

    To view the Action Result Output dialog box for an action, click the Output link.

    Action Result dialog box