Error: "The CLI command is invalid"


An agent is in an error state and is not successfully executing a CLI command specified in the script. The script has the following error:

The CLI command is invalid

A script action specifies a CLI command that is not valid on this switch and software version.

  1. Determine which CLI command is invalid.

    To see which command failed, in the Web UI, you can view the Action Result section of the Alert Details screen of the alert that generated this error.

    You can search for the following error in the event log:

    NAE Action CLI command <command> is not supported

    <command> is the name of the unsupported command.

    For example:

    NAE Action CLI command datetime is not supported
  2. Modify the script to change the CLI command or remove the script action that contains the command.
    1. Delete all agents associated with the script.

      Consider recording information about the agent names and parameter values so that you can create equivalent agents from the modified script.

    2. Modify the script.
    3. Replace the script on the switch with the modified script.
    4. Create agents from the modified script.
    5. Enable the new agents.