Downloading or installing a script from the ASE using the Web UI

This procedure downloads an NAE script from the ASE to the specified location.


You must be logged in to the ArubaOS-CX Web UI. Administrator rights are required to install a script, but not required to download a script to your local system.

  1. Select Analytics from the navigation pane.
  2. In the Analytics Dashboard, in the Scripts panel, click the Cloud download icon ASE download button to view and download scripts from the Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE).
    You can also access the Aruba Solution Exchange from the Script Management page where you select the Download from ASE icon button.
  3. The Aruba Solution Exchange page is displayed, listing the available scripts.

    Aruba Solution Exchange in Web UI

  4. Select an installed script you want to download and click Download. If the script has not yet been installed, see the next step to install it.

    You are prompted to either open the file or save the file to the location you select.

    CAUTION: Saving will overwrite any existing file in the specified location with the same name.

    Click OK or Cancel.

  5. If the script has not yet been installed on the switch, you can select Install instead of Download.

    In the message dialog box, click Confirm to install the script or Cancel.