Working with an Analytics time series graph

Data collected by an Analytics agent is displayed in the Web UI in one or more time series graphs. An agent has at least one graph. An agent can have multiple graphs as specified in the script, but only one graph represents the agent on the Analytics dashboard. The graph that represents the agent on the Analytics dashboard is specified in the script.

If the Analytics dashboard does not include a graph for an agent, you can add the graph that represents that agent from Analytics dashboard. Graphs on the Analytics dashboard represent a live view only. The graph customization toolbar is not available from the Analytics dashboard.

The Agent Details page displays all the graphs for an agent, with each graph displayed in a panel.

Configuration checkpoints and alert indicators are overlaid on the graph. Configuration checkpoints are shown as purple diamonds. Alert indicators can include the following:

  • A red or yellow triangle for an alert

  • A green triangle for a return to normal

  • A blue triangle for an alert on several resources being monitored.

The graph displays alerts for all metrics being monitored. However, time series graphical information can be shown for a maximum of eight metrics. The metrics that are being shown on the graph are listed at the bottom of the graph.

Agent Details panel including graph