Analytics time series graph displays message instead of data: "Agent data not found, please verify...


The time series graph of a monitor displays the following message instead of graphed data:

Agent data not found, please verify that the agent has not be deleted

The switch operating system software was updated to a different software release, and the name of the agent after the update is not an exact match to the name of the agent before the update.

For example:

  • Before the software update, there was an Analytics time series graph for an agent with the following name:


  • The same script for the new software has the name system_resource_monitor instead of the name system_resource_monitor.1.1.

  • After the software update:

    • The name of the new agent is based on the new script name. The new agent name is the following:


    • The Web UI continues to display the Analytics graph of the older agent, system_resource_monitor.1.1.default, which has no data and displays the error message.

  1. Close the panel that is displaying the error message.
  2. If there is no Analytics time series graph displayed with the new agent name, add the panel by clicking the + plus sign next to the agent in the Agents panel.