Showing user password and group information

show running-config shows switch configuration, including user details such as passwords. User passwords, even when created as cleartext, are internally encrypted, and always shown as ciphertext. The ciphertext passwords in the command output are available for pasting into commands used to create users on other switches.

You must be assigned to the administrators group.
  1. At the command prompt, enter: show running-config.
    switch# show running-config
    Current configuration:
    !Version Halon 0.1.0 (Build: genericx86-p4-Halon-0.1.0-master-20170327211259-dev)
    !Schema version 0.1.8
    user admin group administrators password ciphertext NDc2PX6eQw6f ... 9bRfF8igJfA=
    user test1 group operators password ciphertext ZqN4MnJY37QY ... TOZ9bRF8igW=
  2. In the command output, note the lines beginning with user. In this example, information is displayed for the administrator user admin and an operator user test1.