Installing a certificate of a root CA

  • A certificate of a root CA (that is used as the signer).
  • Revocation checking URLs for the CA (optional).

  1. Create a TA profile with the command crypto pki ta-profile which then switches to the created TA profile context.
  2. NOTE:

    This step is optional and suggested only for advanced users.

    Optionally enable certificate revocation checking with the command revocation-check ocsp. Most certificates contain revocation checking URLs for OCSP. If you want to override these URLs, configure custom revocation checking URLs with the command ocsp url.
  3. Import the certificate of the root CA with the command ta-certificate.


This example installs the certificate root-cert and defines custom revocation checking URLs:

switch(config)# crypto pki ta-profile root-cert
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# revocation-check ocsp
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# ocsp url primary
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# ocsp url secondary
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# ta-certificate import terminal
Paste the certificate in PEM format below, then hit enter and ctrl-D:
switch(config-ta-cert)# -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
switch(config-ta-cert)# MIIDuTCCAqECCQCuoxeJ2ZNYcjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQsFADCBqzELMAEBh
switch(config-ta-cert)# VVMxEzARBgNVBAgMCkNhbGlmb3JuaWExEDAOBgNVBAcMB1JvY2tsDAKBg
switch(config-ta-cert)# BAoMA0hQTjEVMBMGA1UECwwMSFBOUm9zZXZpbGxlMSowKAYDVQocG5zdz
switch(config-ta-cert)# x3WFf3dFZ8o9sd5LVAHneH/ztb9MP34z+le1V346r12L2kpxmTOVJVyTO
switch(config-ta-cert)# BIzD/ST/HaWI+0S+S80rm93PSscEbb9GWk7vshh5EnW/moehBKcE4O1zy
switch(config-ta-cert)# 3LvMLZcssSe5J2Ca2XIhfDme8UaNZ7syGYMsAW0nG7yYHWkEOQu9s
switch(config-ta-cert)# -----END CERTIFICATE-----
The certificate you are importing has the following attributes:
Issuer:  C=US, ST=CA, L=Rocklin, O=Company, OU=Site,
Subject: C=US, ST=CA, L=Rocklin, O=Company, OU=Site,
Serial Number: 12121221634631568498 (0xaea51217d5945772)

TA certificate import is allowed only once for a TA profile
Do you want to accept this certificate (y/n)? y
TA certificate accepted.