LACP operating modes

LACP can operate in active or passive mode.
  • Active mode: When the LACP is operating in active mode on either end of a link, both ports can send PDUs. The "active" LACP initiates an LACP connection by sending LACPDUs. The "passive" LACP will wait for the remote end to initiate the link.

  • Passive mode: When the LACP is operating in passive mode on a local member port and as its peer port, both ports cannot send PDUs.


    Two peer ports operating in "passive" mode will never establish an LACP link.

For an LACP LAG, one side must have LACP in active mode and the peer must have an LACP configuration of active or passive mode. If you do not enable LACP on a LAG, it is treated as a static LAG and the peer cannot negotiate LACP with the LAG.