Removing an interface from a LAG


You must be in the global configuration context: switch(config)#

Remove an interface from the LAG. Enter:
switch(config)# interface <PORT-NUM>
switch(config-if)# no lag <ID>

For example:

switch(config)# interface 1/1/1
switch(config-if)# no lag 100
switch(config-if)# show running-config
vlan 1
interface lag 100
interface 1/1/1
interface 1/1/2
    lag 100

After removing a physical interface from a LAG, the interface associated with the LAG becomes L3 ports with default L3 configurations and administrative down. For example, suppose interface 1/1/1 was part of LAG 3 and you had administratively enabled the interface. If you later remove interface 1/1/1 from LAG 3, the administrative status automatically changes to down. If you want to use the interface again, you must administratively enable it again.