Layer 3 forwarding

EVPN uses EVPN gateways to provide Layer 3 forwarding services for hosts in VxLANs. EVPN provides the following EVPN gateway placement designs:
  • Centralized EVPN gateway deployment—Uses one VTEP to provide Layer 3 forwarding for VxLANs. Typically, the gateway-collocated VTEP connects to other VTEPs and the external network. To use this design, make sure the gateway has sufficient bandwidth and processing capability.

  • Distributed EVPN gateway deployment—Deploys one EVPN gateway on each VTEP to provide Layer 3 forwarding for VxLANs at their respective sites. This design distributes the Layer 3 traffic load across VTEPs. However, its configuration is more complex than the centralized EVPN gateway design.

In either design, the gateways use virtual Layer 3 interfaces as gateway interfaces for VxLANs.