CLI access

You can access the CLI by using SSH to connect to the switch either in band or out of band:

Management port (out-of-band connection)

Out-of-band by using SSH to connect to the switch through the switch management interface configured on the management VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding instance).

The management port and SSH on the management VRF (mgmt) are enabled in the switch factory default state for software version 10.02 and higher and disabled in software version 10.01 and lower. By connecting the management port to the network and configuring the management interface, you can use SSH client software to establish one or more out-of-band connections to the management interface.

SSH through a data port (in-band connection)

In-band by using SSH to connect to the switch on a VRF that is not the management VRF—such as the default VRF. Management traffic ingresses and egresses switch data ports with rest of the traffic on the network.

Traffic congestion and other issues affecting the network at large have a higher probability of impacting in-band management connections than out-of-band management connections.

In addition, you can access the CLI by connecting to the console port on the switch. Typically, the console port is used only when installing the switch and performing initial configuration tasks.