Initial configuration

Perform the initial configuration of a factory default switch using one of the following methods:

  • Load a switch configuration using zero-touch provisioning (ZTP). When ZTP is used, the configuration is loaded from a server automatically when the switch booted from the factory default configuration.

  • Connect to the switch wirelessly with a mobile device through Bluetooth, and use the Aruba CX Mobile App to deploy an initial configuration from a provided template. The template you choose during the deployment process determines how the management interface is configured. Optionally, as the final deployment step, you can select to import the switch into NetEdit through a WiFI connection to the NetEdit server.

    Alternatively, you can use the Aruba CX Mobile App to manually configure switch settings and features for a subset of the features you can configure using the CLI. You can also access the CLI through the mobile application.

  • Connect the management port on the switch to your network, and then use SSH client software to reach the switch from a computer connected to the same network. This requires that a DHCP server is installed on the network. Configure switch settings and features by executing CLI commands.

  • Connect a computer running terminal emulation software to the console port on the switch. Configure switch settings and features by executing CLI commands.