rmon alarm


rmon alarm index <INDEX> snmp-oid <SNMP-OID> rising-threshold <RISING-THRESHOLD> 
     falling-threshold <FALLING-THRESHOLD> [sample-interval <SAMPLE-INTERVAL>] [sample-type <ABSOLUTE|DELTA>]

no rmon alarm [index <INDEX>]


Stores configuration entries in an alarm table that defines the sample interval, sample-type, and threshold parameters for an SNMP MIB object. Only the SNMP MIB objects that resolve to an ASN.1 primitive type of INTEGER (INTEGER, Integer32, Counter32, Counter64, Gauge32, or TimeTicks) will be monitored.

The no form of this command removes all RMON alarms and allows you to specify an index to remove a particular RMON alarm.

Command context



index <INDEX>

Specifies the RMON alarm index. Range: 1 - 20.

snmp-oid <SNMP-OID>

Specifies the SNMP MIB object to be monitored by RMON.

rising-threshold <RISING-THRESHOLD>

Specifies the upper threshold value for the RMON alarm.

falling-threshold <FALLING-THRESHOLD>

Specifies the falling threshold value for the RMON alarm. The falling threshold must be less than the rising threshold.

sample-interval <SAMPLE-INTERVAL>

Sample interval in seconds. Default: 30 seconds.

sample-type <ABSOLUTE|DELTA>

Specifies the method of sampling of the SNMP MIB object. Default: Absolute.




Configuring RMON for the MIB object ifOutErrors.15 with an index 1, rising threshold of 2147483647 and falling threshold of -2134 using absolute sampling for a sample interval of 100 seconds:

switch(config)# rmon alarm index 1 snmp-oid ifOutErrors.15 rising-threshold 2147483647 
     falling-threshold -2134 sample-type absolute sample-interval 100

Removing RMON alarm with the index 5:

switch(config)# no rmon alarm index 5