DCBx guidelines

  • DCBx is only supported on the 8325 switch series.

  • DCBx is disabled by default.

  • LLDP must be enabled on the interfaces supporting DCBx.

  • DCBx is only supported on physical interfaces and not on management or logical interfaces, similar to how LLDP behaves.

  • ArubaOS-CX supports only the IEEE 802.1Qaz 2011 version of DCBx with an OUI of 0x0080c2.

  • ArubaOS-CX advertises DCBx with 'willing bit' set to 0 in all TLVs. This tells the peer that the switch is not willing to change its configuration to match the peer's configuration.

  • When a peer switch does not support IEEE DCBx, a misconfiguration error will be displayed in the show dcbx interface output.