Upstream connectivity options

This firmware supports the following upstream connectivity options:
  • Routed Only Port (ROP): A physical port on a switch that process all Layer 3 functions for packets to or from the said port without any binding to VLAN processing.

  • Switched Virtual Interface (SVIs) (multiple VRFs): An SVI is a logical Layer 3 interface configured per VLAN (one-to-one mapping) that performs all Layer 3 processing for packets to or from all switch ports associated with that VLAN.

  • VSX LAG SVIs with multiple VRFs.

ROP with a single VRF in the VSX environmentROP for a single VRF

SVI (multiple VRFs) in a VSX environmentSVIs (multiple VRFs) in a VSX environment

VSX LAG and layer 3 ECMPSample network configuration for VSX LAG and Layer 3 ECMP