inter-switch-link {<PORT-NUM> | lag <LAG-ID>}


inter-switch-link {<PORT-NUM> | lag <LAG-ID>}
no inter-switch-link


Configures a physical port or a LAG as an interswitch link port. Only one port or LAG can be configured to act as an ISL. Once a port is configured as an ISL, it becomes a part of all VLANs in a system.

The no form of this command clears the configuration of the interswitch link port from a physical port or a LAG.


This inter-switch-link {<PORT-NUM> | lag <LAG-ID>} command replaces the mclag inter-switch-link {<PORT-NUM> | lag <LAG-ID>} command that is supported only in 10.00 releases.

Command context




Specifies a physical port on the switch. Some switches (such as the Aruba 8400 Switch Series), use the format member/slot/port (for example, 1/1/1). Other switches use slot/port (for example, 1/1). Sets the port to act as ISL


Specifies the LAG ID. Run the show capacities command for the maximum number of VSX LAGs supported for your particular type of switch.




Configuring port 1/1/1 as an interswitch link port:

switch(config-vsx)# inter-switch-link 1/1/1

Configuring LAG 100 as an interswitch link port:

switch(config-vsx)# inter-switch-link lag 100

Clears the interswitch link port:

switch(config-vsx)# no inter-switch-link