REST API access modes

The REST API supports two access modes:

  • read-only (default)

  • read/write

You can enable write support (POST, PUT, and DELETE methods) using the https-server rest access-mode read-write CLI command from the global configuration (config) context.

Read-only access mode

In the read-only access mode:

  • Most switch resources support GET methods only, but some resources allow PUT or POST methods to be used even when the REST access mode is read-only.

    For example, you can use POST to log into the switch, use PUT to upload a new running configuration, or use POST to upload a new firmware version.

  • For most switch resources, the ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference does not show any write methods (POST, PUT, and DELETE) the resource might support. To show those write methods, read/write mode must be enabled.

Read/write access mode

In the read/write access mode:

  • The ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference shows all supported read and write methods for all switch resources.

  • The REST API can access and change every configurable aspect of the switch as modeled in the configuration and state database.


    The REST API is powerful but must be used with extreme caution: No semantic validation is performed on the data you write to the database, and configuration errors can destabilize the switch.