Logging out using curl

Use the following curl command to access the logout resource of the switch:


curl -k[ --noproxy <IP-ADDR>] -X POST 

Specifies that the curl program not attempt to verify the server certificate against the list of certificate authorities included with the curl software.

The switch uses self-signed certificates. By default, the curl program attempts to verify certificates against its list of certificate authorities, and attempts to verify self-signed certificates fail. Therefore you must use the –k option to disable attempts to verify self-signed certificates against a certificate authority.

--noproxy <IP-ADDR>

Optional. The --noproxy option is appropriate where execution of curl commands does not need a proxy to access the applications. If your network is configured to require a proxy to access applications, use the --proxy option. <IP-ADDR> specifies the IP address or hostname of the switch.


Specifies the file that contains the session cookie.


When you use curl, you log in at the beginning of your session and log out at the end of the session. When you log in, you must save the cookie returned from the login request so that you can pass that same cookie value to the switch in subsequent curl commands. When you log in, save the cookie file by specifying the -c option with a file name.

In subsequent curl commands, pass the cookie value back to the switch by specifying the -b option with the same file name.


$ curl -k --noproxy -X POST \
-b /tmp/auth_cookie \