Enabling access to the REST API

The ArubaOS-CX Web UI and ArubaOS-CX real-time notifications subsystem rely on the REST API, so all three are enabled or disabled together.

To access the REST API, Web UI, or notifications subsystem, HTTPS server must be enabled on the specified VRF. The VRF you specify determines from which network the features can be accessed. You can enable access on multiple VRFs, including user-defined VRFs.

  • You must be in the global configuration context: switch(config)#

  • The password for the admin user must be configured on the switch.

Enable HTTPS server access for the specified VRF.

For example:

  • To enable access on all data ports on the switch, specify the default VRF:

    switch(config)# https-server vrf default
  • To enable access on the OOBM port (management interface IP address), specify the management VRF:

    switch(config)# https-server vrf mgmt
  • To enable access on ports that are members of the VRF named vrfprogs, specify vrfprogs:

    switch(config)# https-server vrf vrfprogs
  • To enable access on the management port and ports that are members of the VRF named vrfprogs, enter two commands:

    switch(config)# https-server vrf mgmt
    switch(config)# https-server vrf vrfprogs

If the switch responds with the following error, the admin user must set a valid password:

Failed to enable https-server on VRF mgmt. 'admin' password is not set

The switch is shipped from the factory with a default user named admin without a password. The admin user must set a valid password before HTTPS servers can be enabled.