HTTP 400 error "Value is not configurable"


A PUT or POST request returns response code 400 and the response body contains the following text string:

Value <value> is not configurable


The JSON data in the POST or PUT request body contains non-configuration or immutable attributes.

Retry the request with the correct JSON resource model for that PUT or POST method.

To determine which are the configuration attributes of a resource, you can send a GET request with the selection=configuration query parameter to the resource

You can also use the ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference to verify the JSON model of the PUT or POST method of the resource.

The category an attribute belongs to can depend on whether that instance of the resource is owned by the system or owned by a user. Configuration attributes can become status attributes in resource instances that are owned by the system. Status attributes can not be modified by users.

In addition, some configuration attributes cannot be changed after a resource is created. These immutable attributes cannot be included in a PUT request.