Accessing the REST API using the ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference


Although the ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference interacts directly with the REST API, the ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference is not intended as a management or configuration interface. Use caution when using the Submit button for POST or PUT methods because this action can result in changes to your current environment.

  • HTTPS server access must be enabled.

  • With a few exceptions, using the PUT, POST, or DELETE methods require the following conditions to be true:

    • The REST API access mode must be set to read-write.

    • The user name you use to log in must be a member of the administrators group.

Open a browser at: https://<IP-ADDR>/api/

<IP-ADDR> is the IP address or hostname of your switch.

For example:

The web browser displays a page similar to the following example (partial page shown):