Query component

In many cases, the unique identification of a resource requires a URI that contains both a path and a query component. The query component is sometimes called the query string.

For example, CPU utilization is a resource represented by the following URI:

In a URI, the question mark (?) character indicates the beginning of the query component. The query component contains nonhierarchical data, and the format of the query string depends on the implementation of the RESTful API.

The query component often contains "key=value" pairs separated by the ampersand (&) character. Multiple attribute values are supported and are separated by commas. For example:,name,type

"Dot" notation for Network Analytics Engine URIs only

When a URI defines a monitor in an Aruba Network Analytics Engine script, attribute values in the query string support an additional dot notation that the Network Analytics Engine uses to access additional information. For example:

This dot notation is supported for certain URIs that define monitors in Network Analytics Engine scripts only.