Rules for topic URIs

A topic is the URI of a switch resource:

  • Not all switch resource URIs are supported as notification topics.

    The Implementation Notes section of the GET method of the resource in the ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference indicates if the resource is not supported by the notifications subsystem.

  • Wildcard characters (*) are not supported.

  • If Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) is enabled, you can specify a resource on a peer VSX switch by including /vsx-peer before the REST API and version identifier in the path portion of the URI.

    For example:

  • You can specify a specific resource instance or a collection of resources.

    Examples of specific resource instances:

    • /rest/v1/system/vrfs/default

    • /rest/v1/system/bridge/vlans/DEFAULT_VLAN_1

    • /vsx-peer/rest/v1/system/bridge/vlans/DEFAULT_VLAN_1

    Examples of resource collections:

    • /rest/v1/system/vrfs/default/bgp_routers

    • /rest/v1/system/bridge/vlans

  • The depth query parameter is supported with a maximum value of 1 with resource collections only. For example:

    • Correct: /rest/v1/system/bridge/vlans?depth=1

    • Incorrect: /rest/v1/system/bridge/vlans/2?depth=1

  • The attributes query parameter is supported. You can specify a comma-separated list of attribute names in the query string for either resource collections or resource instances. If attributes are specified, then the subscriber receives notification messages only when the value of one of the specified attributes changes.

    For example, the following URI specifies the administrative state and link state of all interfaces on the switch:


    The names of the attributes must match the names as documented in the ArubaOS-CX REST API Reference for the GET method of the resource.