SNMP support and AirWave

For AirWave to discover and monitor the switch, you must:
  • Enable the SNMP services on the switch.

  • Configure the SNMP agent to use the SNMP version supported by the management station.

SNMP on the switch

The switch provides SNMP services through the management channel and the data interfaces. Functionality, such as device discovery from NMS, syslog and trap forwarding, can be any channel configured by you.

Although the SNMP server can be enabled on both VRFs (mgmt and default), only one instance of SNMP can be running. The highest priority is on the default VRF.

For example, assume that SNMP is first enabled on the mgmt VRF (snmp-server vrf mgmt). Then, SNMP is enabled on the default VRF (snmp-server vrf default) without disabling SNMP on the mgmt (using an equivalent no form of the command). The show running-config command displays both snmp-server vrf commands; however, the SNMP instance is running only on the default VRF (highest priority).

switch# config
switch(config)# snmp-server vrf mgmt
switch(config)# snmp-server vrf default
switch(config)# show running-config
Current configuration:
!Version ArubaOS-CX Virtual.10.01.
led locator on
snmp-server vrf default
snmp-server vrf mgmt