Supported features with AirWave and the ArubaOS-CX switch

AirWave supports the following features with the ArubaOS-CX switch:

Device management

Device discovery using SNMPv2C and SNMPv3

Device dashboards

Monitoring management

Device health attributes (device status/reachability)

Interface and VLAN management

Initiates an SSH connection from Aruba AirWave to ArubaOS-CX so that the device outputs from the ArubaOS-CX CLI can be displayed in the Aruba AirWave user interface.

Firmware versions

Displays neighbor devices connected to ArubaOS-CX switches

Device topology

Configuration management

Partial configuration

Alarm management

Alarm triggers (device and interface up/down, new device discoveries, custom event triggers)

Syslogs and traps

Report management

Device inventory, interface utilization, and device reachability reports

Summary report of device model, firmware, and boot loader version