show class


show class [{ip | ipv6 | mac}] [<CLASS-NAME>] [commands] [configuration] [vsx-peer]


Shows class configuration information.

Command context

Operator (>) or Manager (#)


All parameters are optional.


Selects the class type for the display: ip for IPv4, ipv6 for IPv6, or mac for MAC classes.


Specifies the class name.


Specifies whether to display output as the CLI commands showing the configured class entries.


Specifies whether to display classes that have been configured by the user, even if they are not active due to issues with the command parameters or hardware issues. This parameter is useful during a mismatch between the entered configuration and the previous successfully programmed (active) classes.


Shows the output from the VSX peer switch. If the switches do not have the VSX configuration or the ISL is down, the output from the VSX peer switch is not displayed.


Operators or Administrators. Users without administrator authority can execute this command from the operator context (>) only.


Showing all class configuration:

switch# show class
Type Name
    Sequence Comment
           action                      L3 Protocol
           Source IP address           Source L4 Port(s)
           Destination IP address      Destination L4 Port(s)
           Additional Parameters
        10 my first class entry comment
           match                       icmp
           VLAN: 1
        20 my second class entry comment
           ignore                      tcp
    < 3000
    > 2000
           VLAN: 1

Showing class configuration for the IPv4 class MY_IPV4_CLASS as CLI commands:

switch# show class ip MY_IPV4_CLASS commands
class ip "MY_IPV4_CLASS"
     10 match icmp vlan 1
     10 comment my first class entry comment
     20 ignore tcp lt 3000 gt 2000 vlan 1
     20 comment my second class entry comment