Chassis LEDs

Chassis LEDs for the Aruba 8325-48Y8C (JL624A and JL625A)
1 Power supply 1 (PS1) LEDs
2 Power supply 2 (PS2) LEDs
3 Fan LED
4 Global status LED
5 Unit identification LED
Chassis LEDs for the Aruba 8325-32C (JL 626A and JL627A)
1 Unit identification LED
2 Global status LED
3 Power supply 1 (PS1) LEDs
4 Power supply 2 (PS2) LEDs
5 Fan LED
Chassis LED behavior
Chassis LEDs Function State Meaning
PS1/PS2 Power supply status On green Power supply is installed and operating normally.
On amber Fault detected for installed power supply, or power supply is not receiving power.
Off Power supply is not installed.
Fan Fan tray status On green System fans are operating normally.
On amber One or more system fans have a fault or the minimum number of fans are not installed.
Global Status

Internal power status of the switch.

Self-test status

Switch/port fault status

On green The switch has passed self-test and is powered up normally.
Flashing amber
  • The switch initialization is in progress during boot up.

  • A fault or initialization failure has occurred on the switch, one of the switch ports, power supplies, or a fan.

  • The port LEDs with the fault will flash simultaneously. LEDs for power supplies and fans with a fault will be on amber.

  • Port-speed mismatch. A transceiver is installed in a port configured for a different speed.

Off The unit is not receiving power.
UID (Unit Identification) Used to identify a unit in a rack or collection of products. On blue or flashing blue The LED locator on command allows you turn on the LED. The default is 30 minutes.

The LED locator flashing command will flash the LED.

Off The LED locator off command turns off the LED.