Join message

An MRP participant sends a Join message to request the peer participant to register attributes in the Join message.

When receiving a Join message from the peer participant, an MRP participant performs the following tasks:

  • Registers the attributes in the Join message.
  • Propagates the Join message to all other participants on the device.

After receiving the Join message, other participants send the Join message to their respective peer participants.

Join messages sent from a local participant to its peer participant include the following types:

  • JoinEmpty: Declares an unregistered attribute. For example, when an MRP participant joins an unregistered static VLAN, it sends a JoinEmpty message. VLANs created manually and locally are called static VLANs. VLANs learned through MRP are called dynamic VLANs.
  • JoinIn: Declares a registered attribute. A JoinIn message is used in one of the following situations:
    • An MRP participant joins an existing static VLAN and sends a JoinIn message after registering the VLAN.

    • The MRP participant receives a Join message propagated by another participant on the device and sends a JoinIn message after registering the VLAN.