MVRP functionality and limitations

MIB support

The MVRP feature supports objects in the following standard MIBs:
  • IEEE8021-Q-BRIDGE-MIB(Version 200810150000Z)

  • IEEE8021-BRIDGE-MIB(Version 200810150000Z)

It also supports MVRP objects in the HPE proprietary MIB:

  • HPE-MVRP-MIB (hpeMvrp.mib)

MVRP limitations

  • MVRP is only supported on L2 trunk ports.

  • MVRP will propagate only the first 1024 VLANs. This number includes already existing static vlans locally as well. For example if peer device has already 100 static vlans then it can only learn 924 vlans.

  • MVRP and PVST are mutually exclusive. When MVRP is enabled, the spanning tree mode cannot be set as PVST and vice versa.

  • For security purposes, MVRP is disabled by default. MVRP packets are blocked on MVRP disabled ports, but can be enabled on ports that are security enabled.

  • MVRP supports 1024 VLANs and 512 logical ports.