Uploading a script using the REST API

Instructions and examples in this document use an IP address that is reserved for documentation,, as an example of the IP address for the switch. To access your switch, you must use the IP address or hostname of that switch.

  • You must be logged in to the switch REST API with a user name that has administrator rights.

  • The switch REST API access mode must be read-write.

  • The script must be encoded in base64 format.

    Scripts you download from the Aruba Solution Exchange website (instead of through the switch Web UI) or the GitHub repository are not in base64 format. You must encode those scripts before you upload them.

Use the POST method to upload the script to the nae_scripts resource collection.

For example:

  "name": "port_admin_state_monitor",
  "script": "<script_content_encoded_in_base64_format>"

In the example:

  • The name of the script is:port_admin_state_monitor

  • The expert_only parameter indicates whether it is recommended that someone using the script have expert knowledge about the script. Typically, this parameter is false.

  • <script_content_encoded_in_base64_format> is the text string of the script after it is encoded in base64 format. For an example of a script in base64 encoded format, see Script example

If the filename, script name, and version in the script manifest matches a script that has already been uploaded, the upload fails with the message: “The specified script name and the version exists”