Aruba Network Analytics Engine framework

The ArubaOS-CX operating system has been built for programmability. With the database-centric design and a programmatic interface to the entire database schema, network operators have access to every network function and state within the switch.

Central to this design is the Aruba Network Analytics Engine framework, which includes the following:

  • Full integration with the Aruba OS-CX network operating system for logging events, maintaining high availability during switch failover events, and interacting through the Web UI, REST API, and CLI.

  • A REST API that can access every switch resource and state.

  • Scripts and agents that can be programmed not only to monitor switch resources, but also automatically execute actions when certain conditions are met over time.

  • A built-in Python interpreter.

  • A Python sandbox that exists only while an agent executes an action. The sandbox has full access to the internal database and the time series database.