Finding NAE scripts on the ASE website

No login is required to browse the website or view information about a script. To download a script or to view the source code from the website, you must be logged in. Alternatively, you can download scripts from the Web UI without logging in to the ASE.


You must have access to the Aruba Solutions Exchange (ASE) website at:

  1. On the top toolbar, select SOLUTIONS.
  2. In the navigation pane, under PRODUCTS, select NAE.
  3. To filter the list by additional criteria, select one or more tags under TAGS.
    For example:
    • To view Aruba certified NAE solutions, select the tag: nae-aruba-certified

    • To view solutions that are related to ports, select the tag: port

    • To view solutions that apply to your switch series, select the tag that contains the product number, for example: 8400x

    Filtering on multiple tags is treated as an OR operation. Solutions are displayed if they have any one of the selected tags.