Error: "The agent instantiated sandbox has timed out"


An agent is in an error state and is not collecting data. In the Web UI, the Agent Details page displays the error:

The agent instantiated sandbox has timed out

Solution 1

The switch is operating under a heavy load.

  1. If the agent is not already disabled, disable the agent.
  2. When the operating load for the switch returns to normal, enable the agent.
Solution 2

The script has many monitors and functions or executes loops that take a long time.

Modify the script to correct the design issues, such as replacing a larger script with several smaller scripts.
  1. Delete all agents associated with the script.

    Consider recording information about the agent names and parameter values so that you can create equivalent agents from the modified script.

  2. Modify the script.
  3. Replace the script on the switch with the modified script.
  4. Create agents from the modified script.
  5. Enable the new agents.