Title("<title-string>"[, <params>])


Creates a text string to be used as a custom title for a graph or for a predefined action.



Specifies the python string to be used for the title. The string can contain parameters. To specify that a parameter is expected, use the following characters:


For example: "Print interface {} details"


Optional. Contains the parameters to be used in the title string. If multiple parameters are used, they must be passed to the function in the order they are required by the title string.


The Aruba Network Analytics Engine provides the Title function to enable you to specify custom titles when defining multiple graphs, or to show specific information about an action being performed by an agent. For example, if you define a title for each CLI action in a script, a user can see which action is being performed by looking at the Alert Details page in the Web UI.


The following example defines a title that is used for a graph. The title string includes a parameter.

title = Title("CPU utilisation by {} daemon ", [self.params["daemon_name"]])
self.g1 = Graph([self.m1], title=title)

The following example defines a title that is used for a CLI action. The title string does not include a parameter.

title = Title("Show switch configuration")
self.r.action("CLI","show running-config ", title=title)