Viewing script details using the Web UI


You must be logged in to the ArubaOS-CX Web UI.

  1. Select Analytics from the ArubasOS-CX Web UI navigation pane. The Analytics Dashboard is displayed.
  2. The Scripts panel in the Analytics Dashboard shows a list of the scripts available on the switch.

  3. From the Scripts panel, select a link to a specific script to display the Script Details page.

    You can view the following script details.
    • Script Details panel: Shows script information, and if the script is system created. You can select the + sign to create an agent from the script.

    • Script Parameters panel: Shows a list of parameters configured in the script. Select a parameter to display a dialog box with a description of the parameter.

    • Script Contents panel: Shows the programmatic contents of the script. You can click the down arrow to download the script.