Default groups and their privileges

The switch provides two default groups, with corresponding roles. Each of these roles comes with a set of privileges.
Group/Role Privileges

Administrators have full privileges, including:

  • Full CLI access.

  • Performing firmware upgrades.

  • Viewing switch configuration information, including sensitive information such as passwords which are displayed as ciphertext.

  • Performing switch configuration.

  • Adding/removing user accounts.

  • Configuring users accounts, including passwords. Once set, a password cannot be deleted or set to empty.
  • The privilege level for administrators is 15.

  • REST interface: All methods (GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE) are available.


Operators have no switch configuration privileges. Operators are restricted to:

  • Basic display-only CLI access.

  • Viewing of nonsensitive switch configuration information.

  • The privilege level for operators is 1.

  • REST interface: Only the GET method is available.