show ipv6 ospfv3 virtual-links


show ipv6 ospfv3 [<instance-tag>] virtual-links [brief] [all-vrfs | vrf <vrf-name>]


Displays the current state and parameters of the OSPFv3 virtual links.

Command context

Operator (>) or Manager (#)



Enter an OSPFv3 Process ID to display information on the OSPFv3 virtual links for the particular OSPFv3 process. Range: 1-63.


Select to display brief overview information for the OSPFv3 virtual links.


Optionally select to display OSPFv3 virtual links information for all VRFs.

vrf <vrf-name>

Optionally select to display OSPFv3 virtual links information for a particular VRF. If a <vrf-name> is not specified, OSPFv3 virtual links information is displayed for the default VRF.


Operators or Administrators. Users without administrator authority can execute this command from the operator context (>) only.


Show OSPFv3 virtual links information:

switch# show ipv6 ospfv3 virtual-links
Virtual link to router is up

Process ID 21 VRF default, Transit area
Transit delay 1 sec
Timer Intervals: hello 10, dead 40, retransmit 5
No authentication
Number of Link LSAs: 0, checksum sum 0
4 state changes

Show brief overview information for OSPFv3 virtual links:

switch# show ospfv3 virtual-links brief
OSPFv3 Process ID 1 VRF default

Total Number of Virtual Links: 1

Remote Router   Transit Area    Status
--------------------------------------         down