spanning-tree instance priority


spanning-tree instance <INSTANCE-ID> priority <PRIORITY-MULTIPLIER>

no spanning-tree instance <INSTANCE-ID> priority [<PRIORITY-MULTIPLIER>]


Sets the switch priority for the specified MST instance.

The no form of this command sets the priority for the specified instance to the default of 8.

Command context




Specifies the MSTP instance number. Range: 1-64.


Specifies the priority as a multiplier. Default: 8. Range: 0-15.

The priority range for an MSTP switch is 0-61440. However, this command specifies the priority as a multiplier (0 - 15) of 4096. That is, when you specify a priority multiplier value of 0 - 15, the actual priority assigned to the switch is: (priority-multiplier) x 4096. For example, with 2 as the priority-multiplier on a given MSTP switch, the switch priority setting is 8,192.




Setting the priority multiplier for instance 1 to 5:

switch(config)# spanning-tree instance 1 priority 5

Setting the priority multiplier for instance 1 to the default of 8:

switch(config)# no spanning-tree instance 1 priority