ip dns domain-list


ip dns domain-list <DOMAIN-NAME> [vrf <VRF-NAME>]

no ip dns domain-list <DOMAIN-NAME> [vrf <VRF-NAME>]


Configures one or more domain names that are appended to the DNS request. The DNS client appends each name in succession until the DNS server replies. Domains can be either IPv4 or IPv6. By default, requests are forwarded on the default VRF.

The no form of this command removes a domain from the list.

Command context




Specifies the name of a domain to add to the list. Up to six domains can be added to the list. Length: 1 to 256 characters.

vrf <VRF-NAME>
Specifies the VRF on which to send DNS requests. The VRF must be defined on the switch. If no VRF is specified, the default VRF is used.




This example defines a list with two entries: domain1.com and domain2.com.

switch(config)# ip dns domain-list domain1.com
switch(config)# ip dns domain-list domain2.com

This example defines a list with two entries, domain2.com and domain5.com, with requests being sent on mainvrf.

switch(config)# ip dns domain-list domain2.com vrf mainvrf
switch(config)# ip dns domain-list domain5.com vrf mainvrf

This example removes the entry domain1.com.

switch(config)# no ip dns domain-list domain1.com