qos schedule-profile


qos schedule-profile <NAME>

no qos schedule-profile <NAME>


Creates a QoS schedule profile and switches to the config-schedule context for the profile. If the specified schedule profile exists, this command switches to the config-schedule context for the profile. The schedule profile determines the order in which queues are selected to transmit a packet, and the amount of service defined for each queue.

Queues in a schedule profile are numbered consecutively starting from zero. Queue zero is the lowest priority queue. The larger the queue number, the higher priority the queue has in scheduling algorithms.

A profile named factory-default is defined by default and applied to all interfaces. It cannot be edited or deleted. To see its settings, use the command:

switch# show qos schedule-profile factory-default
queue_num algorithm weight
--------- --------- ------
0         wfq       1
1         wfq       1
2         wfq       1
3         wfq       1
4         wfq       1
5         wfq       1
6         wfq       1
7         wfq       1

A profile named strict is predefined and cannot be edited or deleted. The strict profile services all queues of the queue profile to which it is applied, using the strict priority algorithm.

A schedule profile must be defined on all interfaces at all times.

There are two permitted configurations for a schedule profile:

  1. All queues use the same scheduling algorithm (for example, DWRR).
  2. The highest queue number uses strict priority, and all remaining (lower) queues use the same algorithm (for example, DWRR). This supports priority scheduling behavior necessary for the IEFT RFC 3246 Expedited Forwarding specification (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3246).

An applied schedule profile cannot be edited or deleted.

The no form of this command removes the specified QoS schedule profile when it is not applied.

Command context




Specifies the name of the QoS schedule profile to create or configure. Range: 1 - 64 alphanumeric characters, including period (.), underscore (_), and hyphen (-).




Creating the schedule profile myschedule:

switch(config)# qos schedule-profile myschedule

Deleting the schedule profile myschedule:

switch(config)# no qos schedule-profile myschedule