bsr-candidate priority


bsr-candidate priority <PRIORITY-VALUE>

no bsr-candidate priority 


Configures the priority to apply to the router when a BSR election process occurs in the PIM-SM domain. The candidate with the highest priority becomes the BSR for the domain. If the highest priority is shared by multiple routers, the candidate having the highest IP address becomes the BSR of the domain. Zero (0) is the lowest priority. To make BSR selection easily predictable, use this command to assign a different priority to each candidate BSR in the PIM-SM domain.

The no form of this command removes currently configured value and sets to the default of 0.

Command context




Specifies the priority for the Candidate Bootstrap router. Default: 0. Range: 0-255




Configuring and removing the BSR-candidate priority:

switch(config)# router pim
switch(config-pim)# bsr-candidate priority 250
switch(config-pim)# no bsr-candidate priority