rp-candidate source-ip-interface


rp-candidate source-ip-interface <INTERFACE-NAME> [group-prefix <GRP-ADDR/GRP-MASK>]

no rp-candidate source-ip-interface <INTERFACE-NAME> [group-prefix <GRP-ADDR/GRP-MASK>]


Enables the Candidate Rendezvous Point (C-RP) operation, and configures the router to advertise itself as a C-RP to the Bootstrap Router (BSR) for the current domain.

This step includes the option to allow the C-RP to be a candidate for all possible multicast groups, or for up to four multicast groups, or ranges of groups. If group-prefix is not given, it considers for all multicast group addresses.

The no form of this command removes the C-RP configuration.

Command context




Specifies the interface to use as a source for the C-RP router IP address.

group-prefix <GRP-ADDR/GRP-MASK>

Specifies the multicast group range IPv4 address and mask for the RP. Default: Format: A.B.C.D/M




Configuring and removing candidate source IP interface:

switch(config)# router pim
switch(config-pim)# rp-candidate source-ip-interface vlan40 group-prefix
switch(config-pim)# no rp-candidate source-ip-interface vlan20