rp-address <IP-ADDR>


rp-address <IP-ADDR> [<GRP-ADDR/GRP-MASK>] [override]

no rp-address <IP-ADDR> [<GRP-ADDR/GRP-MASK>] [override]


Statically configures the router as the RP for a specified multicast group or range of multicast groups. This must be configured on all PIM-SM routers in the domain. If group address is not specified, it applies to all IPv4 multicast addresses ( -

The no form of this command removes static RP configuration and its precedence.

Command context




Specifies the IPv4 address of the static RP. Format: A.B.C.D


Specifies the range of multicast group addresses associated with the static RP. Default: Format: A.B.C.D/M


Specifies higher precedence to static RP over Candidate RP.




Where a static RP and a C-RP are configured to support the same multicast groups and the multicast group mask for the static RP is equal to or greater than the same mask for the applicable C-RPs, this command assigns the higher precedence to the static RP, resulting in the C-RP operating only as a backup RP for the configured group. Without override, the C-RP has precedence over a static RP configured for the same multicast group or groups.


switch(config)# router pim
switch(config-pim)# rp-address ovverride
switch(config-pim)# rp-address
switch(config-pim)# no rp-address