apply copp-policy


apply copp-policy { <NAME> | default }

no apply copp-policy <NAME>


Applies a CoPP policy to the switch, replacing the policy that is in effect. There may be a brief interruption in traffic flow to the management processor while the switch implements the change.

Enter the no apply copp-policy <NAME> command with the name of a CoPP policy to unapply a CoPP policy and apply the default CoPP policy. This will only take effect if the specified policy is actively applied. Since there must always be a CoPP policy applied, this command effectively attempts to replace the applied CoPP policy with the default CoPP policy. The default CoPP policy cannot be unapplied using this command.

Command context




Specifies the name of the policy to apply. Length: 1 to 64 characters.


Applies the default policy.




If the new policy cannot be applied (for example, due to a lack of hardware resources), the previous policy remains in effect. Use the show copp-policy command to determine which policy is in effect.


Applying a policy named My_CoppPolicy:

switch(config)# apply copp-policy My_CoppPolicy

Applying the default policy:

switch(config)# apply copp-policy default