ttl <COUNT>

no ttl


Sets the TTL (time-to-live), also known as the hop count, for GRE tunneled packets. If not configured, the default value of 64 is used for the tunnel. (The hop count of the original packets is not changed.) A maximum of four different TTL values can be used at the same time by all tunnels on the switch. For example, if tunnel1 has TTL 10, tunnel2 has TTL 20, tunnel3 has TTL 30, and tunnel4 has TTL 40, then tunnel5 cannot have a unique TTL value, it must reuse one of the values assigned to the other tunnels (10, 20, 30, 40).

The no form of this command sets TTL to the default value of 64.

Command context




Specifies the hop count. Range: 1 to 255. Default: 64.




This example defines a TTL of 99 for GRE tunnel 27.

switch(config)# interface tunnel 27 mode gre ipv4
switch(config-gre-if)# ttl 99

This example sets the TTL for GRE tunnel 27 to the default value of 64.

switch(config)# interface tunnel 27
switch(config-gre-if)# no ttl