neighbor local-as


neighbor {<IP-ADDRESS>|<PEER-GROUP-NAME>} local-as <AS-NUMBER>

no neighbor {<IP-ADDRESS>|<PEER-GROUP-NAME>} local-as


Allows a router to appear to be a member of a second autonomous system (AS), and its real AS. Used to configure an alternative local AS number that can be used to establish a session with a peer.

Local AS allows two autonomous systems to merge without modifying peering arrangements. This command is valid only for external peers.

The no form of this command restores the default which is for a peering session to be established using the primary AS (primary AS is the AS number specified at the time of neighbor creation using the neighbor <IP-ADDRESS> remote-as command).

Command context




Specifies an IP address.


Specifies a peer group.

local-as <AS-NUMBER>

Specifies a 4-byte AS number in the range 1-4294967295 in integer format or from 0.1-65535.65535 in dotted format.




switch(config-router)# neighbor local-as 200
switch(config-router)# no neighbor local-as
switch(config-router)# neighbor pg local-as 200
switch(config-router)# no neighbor pg local-as